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Picspam: 10 Things That Make PinkFairy727 Happy

This is partially inspired from the emotion challenge currently going on at picspammy. Mostly, however, it's just something to remind me that there are good things around when I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Spoilers for series 2 of Glee (specifically 2x06-2x08), Eastenders, and possible minor spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

So, in no particular order, I would like to present:

A Picspam of 10 Things That Make pinkfairy727 Happy.

#1 - Kurt and Blaine (Glee)

Everybody, meet my new OTP. Kurt has always been my favourite of the Glee kids - flinching every time you see one of the cool kids? Being surrounded by oddballs who sympathise with your differences, but don't really understand what you're going through? Yep, I totally relate with Kurt. Kurt deserves to be happy and as long as this happens in the show I'll be happy.

...But, if he could be happy with Blaine, because they are all kinds of adorable - and I'm completely in love with Teenage Dreams - well that would just be perfect.

#2 - Glee E2S08 - FURT

Oh, how much did I need this episode last week. I admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the themed episodes - Rocky Horror, the Britney and Madonna ones, etc - but FURT was everything I loved about Glee. It made me sing, it made me laugh and it made me cry. I doubt I will ever watch Finn singing Just The Way You Are without shedding at least one tear. Also, Burt remains, with the possible exception of Sue, my favourite non-Glee character on this show.

#3 - London

I love London, and not just because loads of my mates live within an hour from Kings Cross. I love the West End, I love looking at all the craft stalls at Covent Garden, I love walking along the river past Westminster and then up to Trafalgar Square and I am physically incapable of walking past Piccadilly Circus at night without trying to take a picture.

Some of my favourite memories from London - going to Wembley when I was 7, watching Durham thrash Hampshire in the Friends Provident trophy, crying my way through the entire 2nd act of Les Mis, pheonix_angel89 and I failing to work a shower properly in a travelodge, West End Live, plus various other theatre trips with LJ Peeps...

I &hearts London.

#4 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

I think my reaction to the new Harry Potter film can be summed up in one sentence - I CAN HAVE PART 2 NOW, YES?!

Definitely my favourite film so far. And yes, I cried. Twice.

#5 - Legally Blonde The Musical

When my friend first told me they were doing a Legally Blonde musical I laughed. Then I saw 'OMIGOD YOU GUYS!' on Children in Need. Then angelzbabe1989 showed me the MTV broadcast of the show, which is still floating around on YouTube somewhere. I was hooked.

Since then I've seen Legally Blonde four times - not bad for a girl who lives closer to Scotland than she does London. (The fact that I've fallen head-over-heels in love with Alex Gaumond who plays Emmett has absolutely nothing to do with this. Honest...) Legally Blonde is my favourite 'feel-good' musical ever and I'm forever singing the songs. I defy anybody to see this musical and not leaving feeling a little bit happier than when they entered.

#6 - Sunderland AFC

With the exception of one of my teddy bears, Sunderland are my first true love. They drive me insane, they never do things the easy way and they've become masters at defying people's expectations. But, no matter how much they make me scream and no matter how much I complain about standing around in the cold for hours before kick-off I'll still always be a Sunderland fan.

#7 - Christian and Syed (Eastenders)

If several months ago you'd told me I'd start watching a soap, I'd have laughed. And possibly request that you book an appointment with your local psychologist. Now, however, I seem to have been pulled into Eastenders, thanks to these two being completely adorable.

(No, seriously, the amount of hair-playing and giggling and general cuteness these two show is ridiculous. This is when they're not making each other cry, of course. This is still Eastenders.)

#8 - Pink

My love of colour, especially pink, is an on-going argument between me and my sister. Last year I bought a bright pink hat and scarf to go with my black coat, and I think just looking at the hat makes my sister's eyes water. But I don't care. My life is depressing enough as it is, so I always make sure I've got something colourful on - just to try and make my life that little bit brighter. It can be anything from one of my funky pink scarves to my purple boots or my red winter coat.

#9 - Garfield

I have no idea when I first fell in love with Garfield, but what's not to love? He says things that most of us only ever dream about, he hates dieting and he's got a hilarious group of companions. (I bet I'm not the only person who knows somebody like the self-obsessed kitten, Nermal.) Garfield is fat and lazy and a little bit mean when it comes to people (dogs, etc) like Odie, but when he wants nothing more than a hug off his teddy bear how can you not love him?

#10 - Home

As much as I love London, I always love coming home. I love going through York station and knowing I'm officially back in the North. I love getting that first glimpse of either The Angel of the North or Penshaw Monument and knowing I'm home. I love Newcastle at Christmas when the Christmas market takes over Grey's Monument and all the lights go up and I love walking across campus and admiring all the old red-brick buildings. No matter where I go and how much I enjoy being away, Newcastle is always home.

Resources: #4, #5, #6, #9. All other images are taken from my own camera, screen-caps or where made by myself.
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