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PinkFairy727's Fiction Archive

Some Say These Fics Were Built On Rock & Roll, With A Side Order of Coffee To Go

I Reject Your Reality & Substitute My Own
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Pinkfairy727's Writing Archive
Welcome to pinkfairy727's fic archive. This community contains all of my work which include lots of Jack/Ianto stories, a smattering of Brothers & Sisters fics and, occasionally, a post containing Garfield icons.

All of my posts are tagged and links to all my stories can be found at the relevant masterlists.

Comments are much appreciated, even if it's just one word so I know people are reading my stories.

My brilliant Garfield Mood Theme was made by lunglock

How to credit my icons:
If you use any of my icons please credit either pinkfairy727 or pinkfairy_fics in the user pic comments.


Children of Time